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Computational Mechanics and Physics of Solids

Welcome to CoMPS at the University of Colorado

CoMPS is a multidisciplinary research group focusing on theoretical, computational, and applied mechanics of materials and structures. CoMPS is designed to (i) stimulate collaboration, (ii) foster an informal and friendly learning environment for both students and faculty, (iii) encourage student involvement and interest in solid mechanics, and (iv) showcase the wide variety of solid mechanics research conducted at the University of Colorado.

CoMPS organizes a biweekly seminar series and organizes course offerings for students. CoMPS faculty do research across the entire spectrum of theoretical and applied solid mechanics, organized into four main focus areas listed below.

Research Focus Areas

Soft matter and biomaterials
Contact: Franck Vernerey
Microstructure, metamaterials
Contact: Brandon Runnels
Fluid-structure interaction and porous media
Contact: John Evans
Computational mechanics, verification and validation
Contact: JH Song

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